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Rebecca Barger was a top staff photographer for The Philadelphia Inquirer for many years. This is why her wedding images are unique.   Rebecca works as your personal photojournalist, from salon to cake cutting. Trust your wedding day images with a Pulitzer Prize nominee! 

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Carly + Joe, Rittenhouse Hotel

Carly + Joe share a close moment during a little spring rain at The Rittenhouse Hotel on their wedding day. Carly’s beautiful gown and veil is from Italian designer

Le Spose di Gio, from The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, boutonniere by Lamsback Floral Decorators.


Carly + Joe share a close moment during a little spring rain at The Rittenhouse Hotel on their wedding day. Carly’s beautiful gown and veil is from the Italian designer Le Spose di Gio, from The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, boutonniere by Lamsback Floral Decorators.



Carly’s cosmetics by Julie Kate & Co.


Carly’s lovely wedding gown by Le Suppose di Gio, from The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne, at The Rittenhouse Hotel, bouquet by Lamsback Floral Decorators.


First Look for Carly and Joe at The Rittenhouse!

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Gorgeous ceremony flowers and decor at The Rittenhouse by Lamsback Floral Decorators, Phila.



Carly circles Joe before they proceed under the chuppah at The Rittenhouse.



Gorgeous wedding reception decor at The Rittenhouse Hotel by Lamsback Floral Decorators.


Hora! Entertainment by Sid Miller Dance Band, Rittenhouse Hotel.



I love this photo, I love the “family table” and the children being included, the happiness on everyone’s face, the gorgeous flowers, Rittenhouse Hotel, Lamsback Floral Decorators, Rebecca Barger Photography.

rebeccabarger022 rebeccabarger023 rebeccabarger024

Toshi Dollfille, artist, model.

Toshi Dollfille, models custom birdcage by Nicole Bridal, gown by Ian Stuart.




Toshi Dollfille, model, artist, make-up artist, wearing Ian Stuart Bridal.

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Lauren + Charlie, Cescaphe Ballroom

Lauren + Charlie married at St. Augustine Church and celebrated at Cescaphe Ballroom.

Rebecca freaking Barger are you kidding me with these pictures?!?!? They are so awesome we are thrilled and so excited to see the rest, you captured our moments so perfectly!!  Just gorgeous we could not be happier!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!  ~Lauren


Hey Look!!! My mom and dad are getting married today!!


Wedding bouquet by Beautiful Blooms, Gown by Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Barger Photography, Philadelphia.

rebeccabarger029 rebeccabarger057


Gorgeous cosmetics by Beke Beau and Hair by Amanda D’Andrea.


First Look for Lauren and Charlie at Loew’s Hotel!


Lovely gown by Maggie Sottero, from K & B Bridals.


Most awesome wedding purse on earth, by Kate Spade!



Love this Philadelphia black and white wedding day image, Rebecca Barger Photography.



A great big “I do” kiss and hug during their ceremony at St. Augustine Church. Apparently, a certain ring bearer had a very long walk down the aisle!

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Go Midge, Go!!!


Francesca + Brian, Union League

Francesca + Brian dance their first dance in Lincoln Hall at The Union League in Philadelphia, entertainment by EBE’s Dreamtime.   One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is the first dance, I love how the bridal party, the guests and your family stand in honor of your just married status! I particularly love this this photo from The Union League as it reminds me of a still photo from a mid-century film.

Hi Rebecca, the pictures are beautiful!  It was so great working with you the day of our wedding, you captured so many of the moments so perfectly – especially the photos of our first dance.  Thank you so much for all that you have done!    Sincerely,  Francesca 

Newlyweds Francesca + Brian have their first dance in Lincoln Hall at the Union League, Rebecca Barger Photography.




Flowers by Carl Alan, gown from Saks, shoes by Manolo Blahnik, hair and cosmetics by Studio CL, at The Union League.



Francesca’s mom and sister helper her prepare, gorgeous veil and gown from Saks, at The Union League.


Beautiful first look in The Library at The Union League, Philadelphia.

rebeccabarger05 rebeccabarger07


It was a warm January day for outdoor photos and we were thrilled we could get some classic Philadelphia shots!


Love this candid photo outside of the Union League, Philadelphia, Rebecca Barger Photography.

rebeccabarger09 rebeccabarger10 rebeccabarger12 rebeccabarger13 rebeccabarger14 rebeccabarger15 rebeccabarger16


Ketubah signing in The Library at The Union League, Philadelphia.


Union League ceremony, decor, lighting and flowers by Carl Alan.

rebeccabarger19 rebeccabarger20




The Union League’s classic Lincoln Hall, gorgeous decor and lighting by Carl Alan Florists.


Entertainment at The Union League by EBE’s Dreamtime, Rebecca Barger Photography.

rebeccabarger23 rebeccabarger25 rebeccabarger26 rebeccabarger27 rebeccabarger28 rebeccabarger29


Entertainment at Francesca & Brian’s wedding by EBE’s Dreamtime, Philadelphia.


Retrospect 2015

2015 offered lots of  interesting couples and  a trip to Cuba!  I accepted an offer to share my photography with Cuban photography students.   I am currently booking weddings for 2016 & 2017.   Special Offers for weddings with dates prior to June 1, 2016.  Let me know your date, locations,  

Happy New Year to You!  ~rebecca   215. 460. 2229


After the ceremony kiss in Philadelphia, wedding reception at Sheraton Society Hill.


Rain on your wedding day? We’ll still get great photos, like this one on Broad Street in Philadelphia! Reception with Finley Catering at Phila. ‘s Crystal Tea Room.


Elizabeth and her gorgeous ‘maids in their spring-like coral gowns on the steps of a Philadelphia icon, reception at Ballroom at The Ben.


Elizabeth’s mother gives her just dressed daughter a joy filled smile as she helps adjust her veil. Reception with Finley Catering at Ballroom at The Ben.


Brett dips his high school sweetheart (now his wife), Evin, during their first dance at the Crystal Tea Room.


Lovely late spring wedding in Cape May, NJ, Philadelphia wedding photography, Rebecca Barger.


Mike plays it cool as his new wife, Hannah cannot contain her excitement as they come down the aisle at Immaculate Conception BVM Church in Jenkintown, flowers by Carl Alan Floral Design.


A few of my gorgeous brides preparing for their wedding day, Laurita Winery, Sheraton Society Hill, Ballroom at The Ben, Cescaphe Event Group, Carl Alan Floral Designs.


Woo Hoo, just married in Cape May, NJ!


First look, ceremony and reception both at Loews Hotel, Philadelphia.


Lovely gown by Bijou Bridal, gorgeous bouquet by Beautiful Blooms, Phila.


Some of my beautiful brides preparing to marry at National Museum of American Jewish History, Trust, Ballroom at The Ben, Philmont Country Club.


Glamorous Justin Alexander gown from Jay West, hair by Amanda D’Andrea, cosmetics by Carie Brescia, Aldie Mansion.


Yikes, my mom and dad are getting married!! Wedding at Finley Catering’s Union Trust.


The couples parents enjoy themselves! Wedding reception images from National Jewish History Museum, Ballroom at Ben and Philmont Country Club.


Garden wedding antics at Philadelphia’s Morris Arboretum.


It’s always fun to have such a excited maid of honor! Ceremony and reception at Crystal Tea Room.


Tears of joy during the ketubah ceremony at the National Jewish History Museum, Carl Alan Floral Design.


Philadephia wedding photography by Rebecca Barger, Jenkintown.


Sharing secrets during their wedding reception at Finley Catering’s Union Trust on Chestnut St., Philadelphia.


Bridal party making jokes at the couple’s expense, Philadelphia.


EBE’s Dreamtime entertains the newlyweds in the Millennium Ballroom at Loews Hotel.


Newlyweds enjoy the breeze on the balcony, with the Philadelphia skyline at the National Museum of American Jewish History, NJHM.


A quick little dance at The National Museum of American Jewish History, NMAJH, in Philadelphia.


Beautiful ceremony at Loews Hotel, Carl Alan Floral Design’s decor looks AMAZING!


Parent Dance at Finley Catering’s Union Trust, Philadelphia.


We took advantage of the spring snow to get a few pictures in Philadelphia, reception at Ballroom at The Ben.


Couple outside the National Museum of American Jewish History, Pronovias gown from Bridal Garden, NJ.


Breaking the glass at the Morris Hotel, Philadelphia!


A sweet kiss near Independence Hall, Philadelphia, reception at Union Trust.


First Dance!


A sweet little kiss in the garden at Morris Arboretum.


Cheers to the newlyweds at Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, PA.


Philadelphia street scene with soon-to-be-married couple, Cescaphe Event Group!


Of course let’s include your dog in your photos, bridal flowers by Beautiful Blooms Events. 



Let’s just say this photo was the groom’s idea!!


I was fortunate to travel to Cuba in 2015!  Collections of my images were published in two places, The Smithsonian Magazine at:

Also 24 images of my images were published in Yahoo News at:



I was fortunate to travel to Cuba in 2015! These images are from Havana, Cuba, Rebecca Barger Wedding Photography.



Photos from Havana, Cuba, 2015, Rebecca Barger Photography.

Lauren + Wes, Laurita Winery

Lauren + Wes married in October at fabulous Laurita Winery.

Rebecca-The pictures are stunning, we love them!!! You did such an amazing job of capturing all the great moments from that night. We couldn’t have asked for a better weather to lend itself to  the  beauty  Laurita Winery offered us on our wedding day.  Have a Happy a Thanksgiving! ~Lauren & Wes 

rebeccabarger325 rebeccabarger326 rebeccabarger327 rebeccabarger328 rebeccabarger329 rebeccabarger331 rebeccabarger332



Wedding day photos in the vineyard at Laurita Winery, Rebecca Barger Photography, Philadelphia.

Lovely wedding at Laurita Winery in fall, creative images by  Rebecca Barger Photography, Conroy Catering, Philaelphia.

Lovely wedding at Laurita Winery in fall, creative images by Rebecca Barger Photography, Conroy Catering, Philaelphia.

rebeccabarger334 rebeccabarger335 rebeccabarger336 rebeccabarger337 rebeccabarger338 rebeccabarger339 rebeccabarger340 rebeccabarger341 rebeccabarger342 rebeccabarger343

Laurita Winery Catering by Conroy Catering, Philadelphia

Laurita Winery Catering by Conroy Catering, Philadelphia

rebeccabarger345 rebeccabarger346 rebeccabarger347 rebeccabarger348 rebeccabarger349 rebeccabarger350

Evin + Brett, Crystal Tea Room

Evin + Brett had a lovely October ceremony and celebration both at Finley Catering’s Crystal Tea Room.

Hi Rebecca, These pictures came out amazing!!!!  I can’t stop smiling and couldn’t possibly pick a favorite.   Incredibly nicely done – can’t wait to show them off at Thanksgiving!!   THANK YOU!  
-Brett and Evin 



Evin and Brett enjoy their first dance at their wedding reception at The Crystal Tea Room, entertainment by Don Eaton Band.


Love this gorgeous photo of Evin with her bouquet by Beautiful Blooms, Rebecca Barger Photography, Philadelphia Wedding.

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I’ve never photographed a first look with a dog, but Bella seemed quite pleased at her parent’s attire.

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