Lauren + John, Ballroom at the Ben

Lauren + John married at St. John the Evangelist and celebrated at Ballroom at The Ben, it was a chilly Saturday in January — but everyone was willing to go outside for a few photos!

Can’t find the words to describe my excitement when I saw our wedding photos!  So amazing, Rebecca  - you are so talented,  these pictures are a dream!!!! We are so happy and SO thankful for incredible family and friends who celebrated with us!!!  Absolutely incredible photos! ~Lauren


rebeccabarger02 rebeccabarger03

rebeccabarger04 rebeccabarger05 rebeccabarger06 rebeccabarger07 rebeccabarger08   rebeccabarger10 rebeccabarger09rebeccabarger11 rebeccabarger12


What a great big laugh from Lauren during their wedding ceremony!

rebeccabarger14 (1) rebeccabarger15


What a FUN bridal party!

rebeccabarger16 rebeccabarger17 rebeccabarger18 rebeccabarger19 rebeccabarger20


A quick dance on the balcony at Finley Catering’s Ballroom at The Ben.

rebeccabarger22 rebeccabarger23 rebeccabarger24 rebeccabarger25 rebeccabarger26 rebeccabarger27 rebeccabarger28 rebeccabarger29 rebeccabarger30 rebeccabarger31 rebeccabarger32

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