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Rebecca Barger was a top staff photographer for The Philadelphia Inquirer for many years. This is why her wedding images are unique.   Rebecca works as your personal photojournalist, from salon to cake cutting. Trust your wedding day images with a Pulitzer Prize nominee! 

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Cary + Larry, Aldie Mansion, Doylestown

Cary and Larry married at Aldie Mansion, hair by Amanda D’Andrea, gown by Justin Alexander  from Jay West, Haddonfield.

Hi Rebecca,  I loved looking at the pix!  They’re awesome!  We’re super excited about our pictures and looking forward to seeing the rest of them!!  ~Cary and Larry



Gorgeous bridal hair by Amanda D’Andrea, gown by Justin Alexander, Rebecca Barger Photography in Philadelphia.


Bridal cosmetics by Carie Brescia at Aldie Mansion, Badgley Mischka shoes, flowers by Linda Fitzgerald.


Carie has her finishing touches in her hair design by Amanda D’Andrea at Aldie Mansion, gorgeous engagement ring from Koehlers Jewelers.


A surprise wedding day gift of a dozen roses from Larry to his bride, Aldie Mansion, Rebecca Barger Photography.


Carie and her lovely girls, cosmetics by Carie Brescia, hair by Amanda D’Andrea, Rebecca Barger Photography.


Larry reads his wedding day note from his bride.

rebeccabarger004 rebeccabarger005 rebeccabarger007 rebeccabarger009 rebeccabarger010 rebeccabarger011 rebeccabarger012 rebeccabarger014


Cary in her Jay West gown, with cathedral length veil from Jay West Bridal in Haddonfield.

rebeccabarger016 rebeccabarger017


Lovely garden ceremony during sunset at Aldie Mansion, Doylestown.


Cary & Lary , married moments ago, walk from their ceremony down the “aisle” at Aldie Mansion, Rebecca Barger Photography.


Car & Larry, just married outside Aldie Mansion, Jeffrey Miller Catering.

rebeccabarger020 rebeccabarger021 rebeccabarger023 rebeccabarger024


Wonderful entrance by newlyweds Cary and Larry, entertainment by Eddie Bruce Orchestra.

rebeccabarger026 rebeccabarger027

Best Wishes, Cary and Larry!  ~rebecca barger



Sheraton Society Hill, Phila. Catholic Wedding

Hannah + Michael married at Jenkintown’s Immaculate Conception, then celebrated at Sheraton’s Society Hill.

Rebecca, The photos look AWESOME!  We absolutely love all of the ones you have posted and cannot wait to see the rest of them!!  Thank you so much for everything, I seriously can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures, I know they will be amazing!!   ~Hannah




Heart shaped pages in the family bible.

rebeccabarger042 rebeccabarger044


Hannah’s lovely bridesmaids are all surprised when she appears in her gown. Gorgeous gown by Wtoo from Bijou Bridal, Ardmore, Bridal flowers by Carl Alan Floral Design, Rebecca Barger Photography.


Hannah prepares for her wedding day, Bjou bridal, hair and cosmetics by Le Papillion, Jenkintown.


rebeccabarger048 (1)

Their wedding ceremony begins at Immaculate Conception BVM Church, Jenkintown.

rebeccabarger049 rebeccabarger050 rebeccabarger051 rebeccabarger052 rebeccabarger053 rebeccabarger054 rebeccabarger055 rebeccabarger056 rebeccabarger057



Wedding day cocktail hour begins at Sheraton Society Hill.


Hannah and Michael have a gorgeous first dance, in front of their 300 guests at Sheraton Society Hill, entertainment by Slippery Band.

rebeccabarger064 rebeccabarger065 rebeccabarger067 rebeccabarger069



Michael and Hannah wrapped up their party singing Living on a Prayer with the band!

Amanda + Matt, Philmont Country Club

Amanda + Matt married at Philmont Country Club on a gorgeous  Saturday toward the end of summer.

Rebecca, these are amazing!!! So Excited!  We are loving the pictures and can’t stop looking through them!!   Thanks again for everything, Rebecca!! You were great!

 ~Amanda + Matt



Amanda prepares to leave the hotel to get married at Philmont Country Club, Rebecca Barger Photography.

rebeccabarger061 rebeccabarger062 rebeccabarger063 rebeccabarger064 rebeccabarger065 rebeccabarger066 rebeccabarger067 rebeccabarger068 rebeccabarger069 rebeccabarger071 rebeccabarger072 rebeccabarger073 rebeccabarger074 rebeccabarger075 rebeccabarger076 rebeccabarger077 rebeccabarger078 rebeccabarger079 rebeccabarger080 rebeccabarger081 rebeccabarger082 rebeccabarger083 rebeccabarger084 rebeccabarger085

Jen + Ben, National Museum of American Jewish History

Jen + Ben married at the National Museum of American Jewish History, they are shown on the balcony!



Jen prepares for her Jewish History Museum wedding at Hotel Monaco, hair and cosmetics by Rachel Derrah.

rebeccabarger65 rebeccabarger66 rebeccabarger67


Bridal party photos in historic Philadelphia, Rebecca Barger Photography, Jenkintown.

rebeccabarger68 rebeccabarger69 rebeccabarger70


Bridal party photos in historic Philadelphia, wedding day photography by Rebecca Barger, Jenkintown.



Jen and Ben outside the National American Jewish History Museum, prior to their wedding ceremony.


Flowers by Janet Silver Event Creations.

rebeccabarger74 rebeccabarger76 rebeccabarger77


rebeccabarger78 rebeccabarger79 rebeccabarger80 rebeccabarger81 rebeccabarger82

rebeccabarger83 rebeccabarger84 rebeccabarger85


Newlyweds, Jen + Ben dance their first dance while entertained by EBE’s Band Paris at Jewish HIstory Museum, Phila.

rebeccabarger87 rebeccabarger88 rebeccabarger89 rebeccabarger90

National Museum of American Jewish History, cake by Betty the Caterer.

Best Wishes Always, Ben + Jen!!  ~rebecca



Kimberly + Joseph, Fonthill Castle

Kimberly + Joseph married at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and celebrated at Fonthill Castle, in Doylestown.




rebeccabarger005 rebeccabarger006 rebeccabarger007 rebeccabarger008 rebeccabarger009 rebeccabarger010 rebeccabarger011 rebeccabarger012 (1) rebeccabarger013 rebeccabarger014 rebeccabarger015 rebeccabarger016 rebeccabarger017 rebeccabarger018 rebeccabarger019


Fonthill Castle, so beautiful, catering by Memorable Affairs.


Love this entrance into their reception at Fonthill Castle!

rebeccabarger022 rebeccabarger023 rebeccabarger024


Best Wishes Always, Kim + Joe!



Karly + Lee, National Museum of American Jewish History

Karly + Lee married in August at The National American Jewish History Museum.  Classic Events  by Lauren Westerman.

Hi Rebecca, We love them!! Thank you for EVERYTHING! You were amazing  and I don’t know what we would have done without you there keeping everyone right on pace all day. We had so much fun spending our wedding with you and are so happy you could help us celebrate are special day!  ~Karly & Lee


Karly and Lee outside of the National Jewish History Museum.



Karly shows her girls her gorgeous Pronovias gown from Bridal Garden, NJ.

rebeccabarger54 rebeccabarger55 rebeccabarger56 rebeccabarger57 rebeccabarger58 rebeccabarger59 rebeccabarger60 rebeccabarger61 rebeccabarger62 rebeccabarger63 rebeccabarger64 rebeccabarger65


Karly sheds a few tears during their Ketubah signing.


Incredible bouquet by Carl Alan Florist, Pronovias gown from Bridal Garden.

rebeccabarger68 rebeccabarger69


The Jewish History Museum has skylights in the upper floor that the wedding guests are seated on during the ceremony.



Beautiful flowers and lighting by Carl Alan Floral Design, rental furniture by AFR, Peachtree & Ward Catering.


Wedding day entertainment by Tribeca Rhythm.

rebeccabarger73 rebeccabarger75 rebeccabarger76 rebeccabarger77


Lovely cake by RL Cake Design. Best Wishes Lee + Karly!

Janice + Brian, Loews Hotel, Philadelphia

Dear Rebecca,  we’re so thrilled that you captured our love and happiness, and  how much fun the reception was!  You were terrific throughout the whole day, and frankly we are just patting ourselves on the back for doing such a great job of picking our photographer :)   We’ll be recommending you wholeheartedly to our Philly area friends!   Thank you for everything!  Fondly, Janice and Brian


Janice + Brian in Philadelphia on their wedding day, reception at Loews Hotel.



With Philadelphia’s City Hall in the background, Janice’s hair is styled at Loews Hotel by Le Papillon.



Janice and Brian first see each other on their wedding day, Loews Hotel, Philadelphia.

rebeccabarger003 rebeccabarger008


Big smiles from both Brian and Janice on their wedding day in Phila. Cosmetics by Cindy Singer, Dylan Michael Cosmetics.


Brian + Janice share a kiss in Phila. on their wedding day, Rebecca Barger Photography.

rebeccabarger009 rebeccabarger010 rebeccabarger011 rebeccabarger012 rebeccabarger013

I have witnessed many beautiful ceremonies in lovely venues, but the Loews Hotel Millennium Ballroom, with windows on two sides was certainly breathtaking!

rebeccabarger014 rebeccabarger015


Gorgeous wedding venue, Loews Hotel, Phila., floral design by Carl Alan Florist, Rebecca Barger Photography.

rebeccabarger017 rebeccabarger018 rebeccabarger019 rebeccabarger020


Dreamtime, EBE Talent, plays during the wedding guest entrance at Loews Hotel, decor by Carl Alan Floral Design, Phila.


Love this entrance by Janice’s parents!

rebeccabarger023 rebeccabarger024 rebeccabarger025


Members of EBE Talent’s, Dreamtime band play in the audience as the happy couple dances the night away! Best Wishes Always, Janice + Brian ~ Rebecca Barger.

Jess + Eric, Morris House Hotel, Philadelphia

Jess + Eric share a hug after a fun-filled wedding dat at the  Morris House Hotel!

Dear RebeccaWe can’t thank you enough. So many beautiful pictures, so many beautiful memories for a lifetime! Best wishes for continued success,

~Parents of the bride

Hello Friends, I would LOVE to photograph more often at the fabulous Morris House Hotel, please contact me directly should you be getting married there!  ~rebecca barger

What a lovely spot for an end of the night kiss at Morris House Hotel, Best Wishes, Jess + Eric ~rebecca barger

What a lovely spot for an end of the night kiss at Morris House Hotel, Best Wishes, Jess + Eric ~rebecca barger

rebeccabarger030   rebeccabarger031 rebeccabarger032


“Hey, I’ll be down in a minute!”


Jess’s veil had a streak of independence!

rebeccabarger034 rebeccabarger036 rebeccabarger037






Jess and Eric share a little kiss in Washington Square, close to Morris House Hotel, just before their wedding reception.

Jess and Eric share a little kiss in Washington Square, close to Morris House Hotel, just before their wedding reception.


What a gorgeous ceremony location, at Morris House Hotel, Philadelphia.

What a gorgeous ceremony location, at Morris House Hotel, Philadelphia.


Morris House provided an incredibly lovely entrance for the bride to make her way down the aisle, Jess then broke free and ran toward her soon-to-be husband, Rebecca Barger Photography.









Morris House Hotel, Philadelphia during cocktail hour, Rebecca Barger Photography.

Morris House Hotel, Philadelphia during cocktail hour, Rebecca Barger Photography.



Woo Hoo, a great big surprise Salsa dance as a first dance at Morris House Hotel.

Woo Hoo, a great big surprise Salsa dance as a first dance at Morris House Hotel.

rebeccabarger049 rebeccabarger051

What a lovely spot for an end of the night kiss at Morris House Hotel, Best Wishes, Jess + Eric ~rebecca barger

What a lovely spot for an end of the night kiss at Morris House Hotel, Best Wishes, Jess + Eric ~rebecca barger

Jen + Ryan, Cape May, NJ

Jen + Ryan married on a gorgeous Saturday in May, on the beach, in  Cape May, NJ.

Thank you Rebecca! They look great! ~Jen


Jen and Ryan held their wedding on the beach in Cape May, NJ, on a glorious day in May, Rebecca Barger Photography, Philadelphia.



Congratulations to the newlyweds, Jen and Ryan, what a lovely ceremony!


Bottom right is our wedding officiant, Casey.


Riding on a trolley is always fun, especially at a Cape May beach wedding!

rebeccabarger073 rebeccabarger076


Bottles at the SeaSalt bar shine through the glass wall at the Ocean Club Hotel in Cape May.


SeaSalt decorated for the wedding, Ocean Club Hotel, Cape May, NJ.


Kim + Kevin, Union Trust, Philadelphia

Kim and Kevin had a lovely April wedding, tying the knot at Finley Catering’s Union Trust in Philadelphia.

Rebecca, these pictures turned out better than we ever could have asked.  They are amazing!  Our entire wedding day was such a whirlwind,  and already some of the fine details of our day have slipped away.  This was everything I needed to remind me of them and all the emotions and excitement of the day!  Thank you so much!  ~Kim and Kevin




Kim’s gown is from Australian designer Martina Liana from Bridal Garden, Badgley Mischka bridal shoes.


Flowers by Savannah’s Garden.


Love this simple photo of Kim, cosmetics by Christine Swope.



Kevin gets for this special day with Kim, and gives Mom a hug.


First look for Kim and Kevin at the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia.

rebeccabarger307 rebeccabarger309


Yikes, my Mom and Dad are getting married!




Kim and Kevin on their spring wedding day, in Philadelphia, Rebecca Barger Photography.

rebeccabarger313 rebeccabarger314 rebeccabarger315



Gorgeous wedding ceremony at Finley Catering’s Union Trust, Philadelphia


Union Trust boasts sixty-five foot illuminated ceilings, so pretty, wedding cake by Finely Catering.




rebeccabarger321 rebeccabarger322



Cheers, Kim and Kevin on their wedding day, Union Trust, Philadelphia!


Love these parent dance photos, so fun!

rebeccabarger325 rebeccabarger326 rebeccabarger327


Best Wishes, Kim and Kevin!


Sarah + Tom, Old St. Mary, The Old Mill


Sarah + Tom married at Old St. Mary’s Church in Philadelphia and celebrated at The Old Mill in Rose Valley. The day was planned and organized by InStyle Planners, Gina Sole, thank you, Gina!

Hi Rebecca, hope all is well!!! I only got a chance to view the pictures on my phone but they look great:) can’t wait to see them on a bigger screen. Have a fabulous weekend!! Can’t wait to see at the rest of our images. Thanks!! ~Sarah



Sarah & Tom married at Old St. Mary in Philadelphia, Rebecca Barger Photography


Sarah’s puts her dog’s veil on as she has her veil placed by hair stylist from Bella Angel as she prepares for her wedding.


Sarah and Tom had a first look in Philadelphia.

rebeccabarger03 rebeccabarger04 rebeccabarger05 rebeccabarger07


Love this image of Sarah, so pretty, hair and make-up by Bella Angel.


They look like angels!

rebeccabarger08 rebeccabarger11 rebeccabarger12 rebeccabarger13 rebeccabarger14 rebeccabarger15 rebeccabarger17 rebeccabarger18 rebeccabarger19


Sarah & Tom decorated the outside part of The Old Mill into a beer garden.



In Style Planner, Gina Sole, helped with all of this lovely decor. cake by Master’s Baker.

rebeccabarger22 rebeccabarger23 rebeccabarger24 rebeccabarger27 rebeccabarger28 rebeccabarger29

Elizabeth + Bryan, St. Anne’s, Ballroom at the Ben


Spring is finally here in Philadelphia!  Elizabeth + Bryan married at St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church and celebrated at Ballroom at The Ben.

OMG, Rebecca. I am about to cry at my desk right now. We are so lucky to have you capture our special day so beautifully.  These photos are incredible!!!! ~Elizabeth



Elizabeth and her bridesmaids, in their spring colored gowns, in Philadelphia, Rebecca Barger Photography.


Badgley Mischka bridal shoes, lovely lace gown by Val Stefani Midnight Bridal from Unveiled Philadelphia, Heart of Gold engagement ring, Invitations by Dawn and Pennypack Flowers.


The ‘maids in their matching robes with their personalized mason jars, perfect for mimosas!


I love this photo of Elizabeth’s mom, Flossie, seeing her daughter ready to get married!


Elizabeth looks fantastic in her gown, Val Stefani-Moonlight Bridal from Unveiled Philadelphia.

rebeccabarger904 rebeccabarger908 rebeccabarger909


See Bryan’s face as he first sees Elizabeth at St. Anne Parish, Philadelphia.





Congratulations to the just married, Elizabeth & Bryan!

rebeccabarger914 rebeccabarger915 rebeccabarger916


Love this image of Elizabeth and Brian, near Independence Hall, Philadelphia on their wedding day, Rebecca Barger Photography.



Elizabeth and Bryan, wedding day photos, historic Philadelphia.

rebeccabarger919 rebeccabarger920 rebeccabarger922 rebeccabarger923

Finley Catering, Ballroom at the Ben, gorgeous lighting by Synergetic Sound.


Finley Catering, Ballroom at the Ben looks extra special with Synergetic Sound’s ceiling wash lighting.



Ballroom at The Ben, Finley Catering, Rebecca Barger Wedding Photography, Jenkintown, PA, Synergetic Sound ceiling wash.

Elizabeth + Bryan enjoyed their wedding day first dance, at Ballroom at the Ben, lighting by Synergetic Sound, Rebecca Barger Photography, Philadelphia.




What a fun father-daughter dance!


rebeccabarger930 x



What a fabulous wedding day for Elizabeth + Bryan, delicious cake by Finley Catering, lighting by Synergetic Sound.


Beth + Eric, Temple Sinai

Beth + Eric married and celebrated at Temple Sinai on a crisp March afternoon.

Rebecca, we absolutely love the photos!  They’re beautiful, and some of the expressions you captured are hilarious! When we decided not to hire a videographer, I was worried that we would somehow “miss” the details of the day, but you did a great job capturing everything and everyone. Thanks!  Beth

Beth and Eric see each other at Temple Sinai for the first time on their wedding day.


Beth wears her lovely Augusta Jones gown from Nicole Bridal, Jenkintown. Cosmetics by Cindy Singer from Dylan Michael Cosmetics.


Love this photo of Beth’s gown flowing as she and Eric walk at Mondauk Park.


Beth and Eric prepare to share a kiss at Mondauk park, Rebecca Barger Photography, Jenkintown.

x rebeccabarger123 rebeccabarger124 rebeccabarger126 rebeccabarger127 rebeccabarger128 rebeccabarger129 rebeccabarger130 rebeccabarger131 rebeccabarger132 rebeccabarger133


Catering by Barclay Catering, Jamie Rothstein Floral Design, Cake by Lipkin’s Bakery.


Love this photo of Beth and Eric right as they begin their first dance, entertainment by Janis Nowlan Band.


Beth and Eric’s Cake by Lipkin’s Bakery.

rebeccabarger136 rebeccabarger139

Meghan + Carmen, Ballroom at The Ben

Meghan + Carmen married during a springtime snowfall, with their celebration at The Ballroom at The Ben in Philadelphia.

Hey Rebecca, thank you so much, our pictures are amazing!  Just got a chance to sit down and look through all of the pictures!!   There was so many things that I had forgotten!  They are amazing and the ones from the reception are hysterical!   I have gotten so many compliments on them !!   We had such an amazing day- snow and all!  ~Meghan 

Meghan + Carmen married in the midst of a  spring snowstorm!

Meghan + Carmen married in the midst of a spring snowstorm!


Meghan, a lovely bride, looks just like Snow White in her Oleg Cassini gown, Rebecca Barger Photography.


Bagley Mischka with jewels on the top! Flowers by Sunshine Flowers, in Gloucester.


Gown by Oleg Cassini, Real Wedding, Phila, New Jersey.


That’s right, fellas, we are shoot you guys in the snow!

rebeccabarger203 rebeccabarger204 rebeccabarger206 rebeccabarger207


rebeccabarger209 rebeccabarger210


We had a small wardrobe malfunction which set us back just a few minutes. Love that the priest checked in on us at Church of the Holy Family, Sewell.


Yikes, Dad was only kidding!


What a wonderful moment, love that Carmen carries his brand new bride through the slushy snow, Rebecca Barger Photography.

rebeccabarger212 rebeccabarger214 rebeccabarger215 rebeccabarger216


Love this moment, Carmen carries his brand new wife through the slushy, wet snow, just married, rebecca barger photography.


Real wedding, Philadelphia, Oleg Cassini gown, reception at Ballroom at The Ben.


There she is, Snow White!


Gorgeous, simple images of the new couple in The Ballroom at The Ben’s lobby, Finley Catering.

rebeccabarger220 rebeccabarger221 rebeccabarger222 rebeccabarger223 rebeccabarger224


Simple, gorgeous real wedding images of the newlyweds at The Ballroom at The Ben, Philadelphia, Finley Catering.


Cake by Finely Catering, Ballroom at The Ben, Real Wedding Philadelphia, <a


Looks like we have a levitating Jr. bridesmaid!


Wow, now that is a dance move, Ballroom at The Ben!

rebeccabarger226 rebeccabarger228 rebeccabarger229 (1) rebeccabarger230


Looks like we have a levitating Jr. bridesmaid!



Whoa, now that’s a dance move!



Thanks so much, Meghan and Carmen for sharing your special day with me, the snow did not stop you one bit!

~Rebecca Barger Photography at Ballroom at The Ben, Finley Catering, Philadelphia.


2014 in Review

2014 was an amazing year for Rebecca Barger Photography.  See some of my favorite images below!

I’m now booking for 2015 and 2016, drop me a note on the contact form above, don’t forget your wedding location.

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Meghan + Joe, Down Town Club

Meghan + Joe enjoy the sunshine outside their wedding reception at the Down Town Club in Philadelphia, Eugenia gown from Nicole Bridal, Jenkintown.

Rebecca, WE LOVE!!! These photos will stand as one of our most cherished gifts! They are just BEAUTIFUL and capture all of the emotions of our special day. We are so lucky to be the beneficiaries of your truly fabulous talents!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :)  ~Meghan & Joe

Wedding Day sunshine in Philadelphia, Rebecca Barger Photography, gown from Nicole Bridal.

Wedding day cosmetics by Beke Beau, hair by Amanda D’Andrea.


Love this series of wedding day portraits of Meghan by Rebecca Barger Photography, Beke Beau Cosmetics.



Badgley Mischka bridal shoes!


Classic wedding day hair by Amanda D’andrea.

rebeccabarger33 At left, make up artist Beke Beau works with Meghan at The Omni Independence Park, Philadelphia. rebeccabarger06   Brebeccabarger07 rebeccabarger08

Meghan arrives at Philadelphia’s Christ Church and spies on her guests arriving!




What a beautiful entrance, Mehan escorted by her father, at Christ Church wedding ceremony.

rebeccabarger11 rebeccabarger12 rebeccabarger13 rebeccabarger14


Rebecca Barger Photography with bride in Eugenia gown from Nicole Bridal outside Cescaphe Event Group’s Down Town Club in Philadelphia.

Rebecca Barger Photography with bride in Eugenia gown from  Nicole Bridal outside  Cescaphe Event Group’s Down Town Club in Philadelphia. rebeccabarger16 rebeccabarger17 rebeccabarger18 rebeccabarger19 rebeccabarger20 rebeccabarger21

Meghan & Joe relax amongst the polka dots at The Down Town Club, Flowers and decor by Beautiful Blooms.



It’s raining rose petals at Cescaphe Event Group’s Downtown Club.

rebeccabarger22 rebeccabarger23 rebeccabarger25 rebeccabarger26 rebeccabarger27

rebeccabarger28rebeccabarger29 rebeccabarger30 rebeccabarger31 Best Wishes Always, Mehan & Joe! rebeccabarger32

Kristi + Kevin, Knowlton Mansion, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Kristi + Kevin married in November at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel  and held their reception at Knowlton Mansion.

Hi Rebecca!  The pictures are wonderful! What an incredible day, can’t wait to see the rest!   Thank you, thank you, thank you :) ~Kristi + Kevin


We met early for bridal party photos at Mercer Museum.


Bridal hair and make-up by Hair Statements by Gina, photos at Mercer Museum, gown from Brides Against Breast Cancer.


Kristi and her bridsemaids outside Mercer Museum.


Kristi + Kevin see each other for the first time on their wedding day!


Kristi and Kevin on their wedding day, outside Mercer Museum, celebration at Knowlton Mansion.


Bridal flowers by The Pod Shop, New Hope.



Wow, gorgeous flowers from The Pod Shop and a robust breeze, makes for a fun photo!



Kristi prepares to walk down the aisle on her and Kevin’s wedding day, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Doylestown.

rebeccabarger071 rebeccabarger072 rebeccabarger073


Wedding day kisses, flowers by The Pod Shop, New Hope.



You have to really admire a bridal party that stops for beer at The Warwick Tavern on the way to the reception.




Kristi touches up with her mom and Maid of Honor in the beautiful bridal suite at Knowlton Mansion.


Knowlton Mansion is so cozy and warm, love the leaf patterned lighting by Synergetic Sound, flowers by The Pod Shop, New Hope.


Conroy Catering has wine and beer tastings in the wine cellar at Knowlton Mansion, such a great little spot for photos!

rebeccabarger079 rebeccabarger080


The parent dances were extra special!


Catering at Knowlton Mansion by Conroy Catering, lighting by Synergetic Sound, entertainment by

rebeccabarger084 rebeccabarger085


Leah + Paul, Archmere Academy

Leah + Paul married at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in West Grove, the couple celebrated at Archmere Academy, Leah’s alma mater.

Good morning Rebecca, Wow, they look fantastic!! This is a nicer Thanksgiving treat than pumpkin pie :) We love them and are  trying to figure out which ones are our favorites (we can’t, they are all so amazing)! You did a great job capturing the venue, the family, the bridal party, and how much FUN we had. Thank you!!!  Thanks and happy thanksgiving! ~ Leah and Paul



Leah and Paul celebrated their wedding at Archmere Academy, Rebecca Barger Photography.



Tara Keely gown from Jennifer’s Bridal, flowers by Elegant Illusions.


Leah’s wedding day hair and cosmetics by La Bella Sposa Philly in Chadds Ford.

rebeccabarger002 rebeccabarger005 rebeccabarger006

rebeccabarger007rebeccabarger008 rebeccabarger009 rebeccabarger010 rebeccabarger011 rebeccabarger012 rebeccabarger013


Wedding ceremony at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in West Grove.

rebeccabarger015 rebeccabarger016 rebeccabarger017 rebeccabarger018 rebeccabarger019 rebeccabarger020 rebeccabarger022


rebeccabarger025 rebeccabarger026 rebeccabarger027 rebeccabarger028 rebeccabarger030 rebeccabarger031 Congratulations, Leah & Paul, Best Wishes, Always!  ~rebecca barger photography rebeccabarger033

Melissa + Rich, Crystal Tea Room

Melissa & Rich married at The Saint Rose of Lima and celebrated at The Crystal Tea Room.

Rebecca, I LOVE them, We LOVE THEM!!!!! So so so amazing!!!  SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! ~Melissa & Rich

rebeccabarger001 rebeccabarger002 rebeccabarger003 rebeccabarger004 rebeccabarger005 rebeccabarger006 rebeccabarger007


Melissa & Rich had their wedding day ceremony at St. Rose of Lima in Haddon Heights, NJ.

rebeccabarger009 rebeccabarger010 rebeccabarger011 rebeccabarger012 rebeccabarger013 rebeccabarger014 rebeccabarger015


Rebecca Barger Photography at Crystal Tea Room, Philadelphia wedding.







Lovely place card table by designer Joanne Hulme.



Melissa & Rich take a break from their cocktail hour to visit their gorgeous ballroom, Finley Catering’s Crystal Tea Room. Lighting by Synergetic Sound.


Gorgeous flowers by Carl Alan, Philadelphia.

rebeccabarger023 rebeccabarger025 rebeccabarger026 rebeccabarger027 rebeccabarger028


Cake by Termini Brothers.


Shannon + Mark, Glen Foerd Mansion, Villanova Chapel

 Shannon + Mark married at Villanova Chapel and celebrated at Glen Foerd Mansion, Jamie Hollander Catering.

Rebecca, The blog photos are AWESOME!!!! We LOVE them!  I’m so excited!!!I’m so, so thrilled that they are turning out so well!!  I also love how happy we look – I feel so lucky to have these moments captured.   Thank you, Rebecca!!!!!   ~ Shannon  + Mark




Shannon & Mark’s ceremony was at St. Thomas of Villanova Parish.


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Jamie Hollander Gourmet Foods presented a private meal to the newlyweds at the boathouse at Glen Foerd on the Delaware, Rebecca Barger Photography.





Cupcakes by Bo’s Baking Company, Glen Foerd on the Delaware, Jamie Hollander Catering.


Entertainment by Ariel Music and events.


Entertainment at Glen Foerd on The Delaware wedding by Ariel Music and Events.

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